Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pics of the week (FOOD EDITION)

Besides Good Music, Amazing Food is one of my hobbies. These 3 spots are the "BEST of the Best" in their categories located in the Bay area.

1st. SOL FOOD located at 901 Lincoln Street in San Rafael is thee Definition of Puerto Rican Food. From the Tender and thinly cut Steak to the traditional Plantains, Rice and beans. SOL hits the spot on every level, You get the authentic Puerto Rican Vibe and the LIMEADE is absolutely out of this world...

2nd. ROAM ARTISAN BURGERS 1785 Union Street in San Francisco. Gourmet Burgers at an affordable price.. This Spot is dope and i'm rather bias due to the simple fact that have BISON burgers. Every other burger looks scrumptious and the fries are BEYOND fresh..

3rd. OSHA THAI 5 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS IN SAN FRANCISCO. Personally one of my favorite restaurants, Upscale Thai Food, fresh, traditional and healthy at the same time. The Ambiance of the locations are just as entertaining as the food itself. The drinks are crazy good and every single appetizer is worth trying. Personal favorite is the BEEF WASABI ROLLS

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