Friday, June 4, 2010

Shout out to the La Leakers Sour Milk & Just N Credible

Shout out To Sourmilk and Just N credible from Power 106 in LA for having me come out..
"Unfortunately, a little over a year ago we lost a great person and talent in Dolla. My man's potential was limitless and he was seriously (I know people use this loosely) ahead of his time. Dolla recorded so much amazing material so our boy DJ Shabazz (Dolla's dj and best friend) really had no choice but to put it out. When you hear the mixtape, you'll definitely hear what it is that we're talking about. Shout to NBL & The Gang Ent as well as DJ Shabazz for giving everyone an opportunity to hear amazing music that REALLY needs to be heard! Mixtape drops on Tuesday, until then, there's a leak below of "Heartbreak Collision" which also features Dolla singing on the hook. -@djsourmilk"
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