Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dolla- Role Model

Been dealing with alot these last couple weeks.. The mixtape cover is being made right now, mixtape is done, when i get home it will BE OUT like 2 more days!!! for all the bullshit and the court verdict on acquitting Aubrey Berry on all charges because the jury actually felt that shooting Bucc in the back 3 times and shooting at me and scrap 6 times was self defense.. Really? you DUMB MUTHAFUCKAS ARE GONNA BELIEVE THAT BECAUSE OF SOME LYRICS IN HIS SONGS?? FUCK THE BULLSHIT, HERE'S SOME LYRICS.. LISTEN TO THIS YOU DUMB ASSHOLES.. HE WAS A PERFORMER, WHAT HE RAPPED ABOUT AND WHAT BERRY'S BITCH ASS COMMITTED IS 2 DIFFERENT THINGS

1 comment:

  1. Real talk Shabazz! The Fam is not happy about the verdict. I hit u up on twitter a couple of times. I need u to call me when u get a sec..

    As for this song I was wondering when it wld leak. We need to link up..